Putin threatens a Military Coup in Turkey

As we await a response from Putin, its worth quoting from a previous post regarding the current Russian-Turkish crisis:

On the 3rd of August, it was reported that Putin had threatened Turkeys president and this is what he allegedly said:

“Tell your dictator President he can go to hell along with his ISIS terrorists, I will make Syria a ‘Big Stalingrad for him!”

The source (Moscow Times) was questionable and so when we first published this, the prospect of Russian intervening in Syria was met with skepticism.

However, within a month of this article being published, Putin surprised the world and moved his military into Syria.

On September the 24th, the same source reported that Putin had given another message to the Turkish President, this time, a more direct one:

“If necessary we can stage a swift military coup against you, unless you desist from your desperate acts of supporting the violent Al-Qaeda terrorists.”

And then yesterday happened.

No one knows yet how Putin will choose to respond, but we don’t need to look further past the Chechen war, or the recent bombing of Raqqa (due to the Sinai bombing of the Russian airliner) to know that Putin has a history of heavy-handed responses.

It wouldn’t be too hard for Russia to invade Turkey – Even the US military is worried about Russia’s military capability.


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