The Pope is seeking to unify Europe

Daniel 2: The Roman Catholic Iron beginning to unify the European Clay in Daniels Image:

“Europe is the only continent that can bring some sort of unity to the world,” Pope Francis said in a March 2 meeting with a small group of Christian socialists from France.

In a wide-ranging discussion of Christian involvement in politics, the Pope said that Europe has “a universal role” to serve the cause of world unity. To serve that cause, however, the Pope went on to say that Europe must “rediscover its cultural roots.” He added that Europe’s future is endangered by its falling birth rates.

The Pope remarked that today there is talk of an “Arab invasion” of Europe, because of the influx of migrants. But he argued that nationalists are wrong to take an anti-immigrant stand. The problem, he suggested, is the absence of a unifying spirit in Europe– an absence that creates a vacuum that is now being filled by immigration. Throughout history, the Pope argued, a stronger Europe has absorbed contacts with new groups, and found ways to use them as ways to open exchanges between cultures.

Speaking to his visitors about the political situation in France, the Pope said that the country’s emphasis on secularism is “incomplete.” He argued that France needs a “healthy secularism,” one that does not seek to exclude spiritual and religious dimension.

Article by CatholicNews.Org

A new nation-state model for Europe

Europe is currently in search of a new nation state model.

In the following video, Yanis Varoufakis (former Greek finance minister) is interviewed by Bloomberg on the anniversary of the election of Syriza:

“God and his angels could not fix Greece”

“Greece is collateral damage in a broader game of brinkmanship between Paris and Berlin who have not worked out what they want to do with the Eurozone: the Eurozone is not sustainable.”

“The obvious conclusion one must draw from this is that either you argue for a dissolution of the monetary union, and then you can talk about national politics again quite sensibly. Or you should be talking about a pan-European movement for change throughout the eurozone.”

With the emergence of both Russia, and the Papacy, one wonders if we are about to see a change in Europe which will bring about the ten toes of Daniels image, bound together by the Iron. Truly amazing times.