When & Why will Russia invade Turkey?

Russia’s sudden military buildup in Syria is no surprise to Bible students who understand prophecy.

It has been expected that at some point that Russia would move into Syria and establish herself in the heartland of the ancient Seleucid empire to become the latter day King of the North of Daniel 11. Here is a post we published recently explaining why this needed to happen.

Well Daniel 11:40 tells us what happens AFTER Russia has assumed this territory in Syria and inherited the role of the King of the North:

…and the king of the North shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships

~ Daniel 11:40

Who is the Him? –

The ‘him’ is the ‘King’ mentioned 4 verses earlier in verse 36.

The ‘King’ of verse 36 is neither the ‘King of the South’ (KOS), or the ‘King of the North’ (KON), but a new King.

It is infact the Roman power that stood up and took control of everything surrounding the Mediterranean including those parts of the Grecian kingdoms previously known as the KOS & KON.

This Roman power eventually had two capitals: The capital in Rome from which preceded the religious administration of the empire, and a capital in Constantinople (todays Istanbul) which provided the civil and military administration of the Roman Empire. To be specific, the ‘Him’ is referring to the Constantinopolitan Autocracy, or… Constantinople.

Rome - East & West
The Roman Empire

Well Daniel 8 talks of a latter day revival of this same Roman Empire, and already today we can see elements of this empire coming together.

The first element (the religious authority) already exists from the remains of the previous empire and it is currently based in Rome, the Vatican.

1: The Religious aspect of the latter day Roman Empire:

This article in the Time magazine shows that Pope Francis has helped to rebuild the brand and influence of the latter day religious component of the Roman empire, however the article also highlights a big problem for the pope.

The problem is that while Pope Francis has significantly increased the power and influence of the Vatican, he still doesn’t have enough power to visibly effect change on the world stage. Time Magazines article says:

Ultimately many of the world problems (today) simply aren’t responsive to the kind of soft power Francis is deploying.

Later on the article provides the reader with a classic example of a problem which the Vatican’s is unable to resolve while it only has ‘soft power’ – the problem of ISIS destroying christians in Syria.

Here the pope has done everything within the confines of his soft power to stop ISIS including a statement to the UN:

In March, the Vaticans U.N diplomat called for military force against ISIS

However while the Pope continues to make influential noises at the United Nations about ISIS, he is still without an army (hard power) and therefore unable to effectively deal with the problem of christian persecution in ISIS held territories.

Enter:  The Russian military machine which will become the the Eastern leg of the latter day Roman Empire, to be based in Constantinople as Daniel prophesied in chapter 11:40.

2: The Civil & Military aspect of the latter day Roman Empire

The second element of this latter day Roman empire will be the revived military administration (the Russian component) based in Constantinople where it once was.

We can see that Russia is already starting to re-appear as the eastern leg of this latter day Roman empire:

However this combined Roman empire wont exist in its fullness until the ‘King of the North’ of Daniel 11 comes against ‘him’ – Constantinople – and precedes to setup its Eastern leg of the Roman Empire.

So Russia must be in Syria (and therefore inherit the role of King of the North) before it invades Istanbul.

Here is an article (source not confirmed) showing that Putins agenda in Syria is very much aligned with the Pope already. Putin allegedly gave the following message to troops before deploying them to ISIS held territories.

It is evident that the war in ISIS a religious war and one that is very compatible with not only the Vaticans policy on ISIS, but also Europes policy because of the migrant crisis. As a result we have the False Prophet, the Beast & the Dragon of Revelation 16:13 all working together.

The Big Question:

When will Russia take Istanbul/Constantinople and complete the latter day manifestation of the Roman empire?

Well two things of note have happened over the past few months.

1. Turkey is “teetering on the brink of civil war”

According to the Foreign Policy magazine, Turkey faces the same problem as Syria… civil war.

Russia has been also eyeing off Constantinople ever since World war 1 and this might be Putin’s first opportunity to finally take back what many Russians (and particularly the Russian Orthodox Church) believe belongs to them… Constantinople:

Since claiming the Byzantine birthright, Russia has looked possessively, obsessively South. In the 1770s she wrested from the Turks that ancient Byzantine frontier land, the Crimea.

Ironically, Russia came within a hairbreadth of gaining Constantinople and the Straits in World War I. The Allies promised them to her upon Turkey’s defeat. Then her revolution knocked Russia out of the war, scuttling that prospect.

National Geographic, December 1983

Russia took Crimea and was about to take Constantinople in the early 1900s!

Why is that significant? because Russia did the same thing last year when it annexed Crimea late February 2014.

“The annexation of Crimea was the smoothest invasion of modern times. It was over before the outside world realised it had even started”


When Putin stopped denying that the annexation of Crimea had actually happened, he said later on in March 2014:

“In the hearts and minds of people, Crimea has always been and remains an inseparable part of Russia.

Ethnic Russians have found themselves isolated from the motherland when the Soviet Union collapsed, both in Crimea and elsewhere.”

~ Putin

Elsewhere? I wonder ‘where else’ Putin is looking. Here we have a clue:

2. Putin threatens Turkey

On the 3rd of August, it was reported that Putin had threatened Turkeys president and this is what he allegedly said:

“Tell your dictator President he can go to hell along with his ISIS terrorists, I will make Syria a ‘Big Stalingrad for him!”

Normally I wouldn’t have taken much note of this unverified rhetoric. However within a month of this article being published, Putin moved his military into Syria.

On September the 24th, the same source reported that Putin had given another message to the Turkish President, this time, a more direct one:

If necessary we can stage a swift Military coup against you, unless you desist from your desperate acts of supporting the violent Al-Qaeda terrorists.

I can and shall defeat you and your American master in Syria.

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