Thanks to Turkey, Russia will now fortify its defences in the Middle East.

What happens when you poke the bear with a stick?

At this point, the Russian Foreign minister has indicated that Russia “does not want to go to war with Turkey”.

HOWEVER, the crisis is far from over – Russia is beginning to hurt Turkey in other ways:

  • Russia’s Foreign Ministry has urged the country’s citizens to defer all travel to Turkey and advised all Russians currently in Turkey to depart as soon as possible.
  • Russia immediately deployed advanced air defence in Syria, placing herself in a far better defensive position from which to launch an invasion in future.
  • Instinctively, Russia begun bombarding Turkmen insurgents, who have ethnic ties to Turkey — ignoring demands made by Turkey over the past week to end its military operations close to the Turkish border.
  • Russia is planning and executing a range of economic sanctions against Turkey.
  • Russia is denying entry to Turkish citizens.
  • The Kremlin has arrested a number of Turkish businessmen in Russia.
  • Russian no longer considers Turkey to be an ally.

Its hard for anyone to see how this situation might de-escalate in the long term especially as this incident seems to be a symptom of a broader historical problem between the Russians and Turks.

Given the trail of prophetic fulfillment over the last few months who knows what might happen next. We await in anticipation!

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