Putin says there will be “Serious Consequences” as a second Russian aircraft is destroyed in Syria.

So far the shooting down of the Russian warplane in Syria by Turkey is headlines around the world so there is little point us adding to the noise on the blog in detail at this point.

The world is awaiting Putin’s response.

Suffice to say, a running coverage of the news can be seen on our Facebook page: Facebook.com/WatchYeTherefore

Here are some of the main points of the conflict so far:

Rebels shoot a Russian recovery helicopter

As soon as the Russian warplane was shot down, Russian helicopters moved into the hostile territory to try and recover the pilots. One of the helicopters was destroyed by US backed rebels. (Note: the page may need to be refreshed for the video to load)

Putins Response:

Putin responded by saying that Turkey have “stabbed Russia in the back” and there will be “serious consequences for Turkey”

CNN reconstruction:

Live Coverage by Sky News:

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