This week – Putin, Syria, Europe & the Pope

Putin officially confirms that he has forces in Syria.

Another milestone in current events – Putin himself has officially confirmed reports that he has boots on the ground in Syria.

Russia has sent the biggest nuclear submarine in the world down to Syria

The world’s largest submarine, the Dmitri Donskoy (TK-208), Nato-coded Typhoon, has set sail for the Mediterranean and is destined for the Syrian coast, DEBKAfile reports exclusively from its military and intelligence sources. Aboard the sub are 20 Bulava (NATO-code SS-N-30) intercontinental ballistic missiles with an estimated up to 200 nuclear warheads. Each missile, with a reported range of 10,000km, carries 6-10 MIRV nuclear warheads.

The Russian sub set sail from its North Sea base on Sept. 4, escorted by two anti-sub warfare ships. Their arrival at destination in 10 days time will top up the new Russian military deployment in Syria.

Europe is experiencing more instability with a migrant & a farmers crisis

Thousands of migrants have crossed into Austria and Germany, following a long journey that has brought many from conflict zones like Syria into the heart of Europe.

Police have used water cannon during a farmers’ protest in Brussels. Hundreds of protesters were throwing stones, eggs and firecrackers at officers and used two tractors to try and break through a cordon.

Not what you expect to to see in Brussels which is the de facto capital of the European Union (EU) and headquarters for NATO.

Russia had a hand in this when it decided to cut off agricultural imports from Europe.

The EU can only suffer from so much instability. Greece is dragging them down. What will Russia do next?

The False Prophet speaks again

Pope Francis has called on every European parish to host one refugee family each in a goodwill gesture that will begin in the Vatican state. It comes as Europe faces the worst refugee crisis since World War II.

Click here to see a timeline of notable current events coming up this month.

2 thoughts on “This week – Putin, Syria, Europe & the Pope

  1. Richard Dineen

    Good morning brethren, Loving greetings in the Hope of Israel. We have recently been added to your email list. My wife and I are Christadelphians. We were baptized in 1972. We came out of the Mother of Harlots system at that time. Thank you for all the work you are doing. It is a tremendous help in keeping us spiritually minded looking for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. May our Heavenly Father continue to bless your efforts. With love in the Masters Name, Rich Dineen Sr.

    Sent from my iPad



    1. Dear Brother & Sister,

      Very happy to hear that this is an encouragement. There are so many things happening now. Not only is this world crying out for a new day, but the ecclesia is becoming tired with pressures from within and without.

      It is our earnest prayer that our Lord and king will return soon.

      Even so, come Lord Jesus.


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