A Historic Vote which could result in Ten Toes of Daniels Image

For those who visit our website, you will have noticed that for a couple of months we have had a countdown timer running for the UK vote on EU membership.

Today, that count sits at 32 days to a historic vote which could bring us a step closer to the alliance of the latter days.

But in the mean time get up to scratch by watching a movie created by the BREXIT campaign. This highly recommended watch provides some amazing insight into why there is massive political, economic and social impetus for Britain to leave the EU.

Impetus to leave is strong. Watch this heated debate on this issue in the UK:

Why will Britain eventually be separate from the European Union?

  • Ten Toes (Daniel 2) or Horns (Revelation 17) manifesting as ten nations will emerge in Europe who give their power to the Papacy and become aligned with Russia. Britain is not one of these kingdoms.
  • The Tarshish (Britain) of Ezekiel 38 is opposed to Russia in the latter days when the invasion of Israel occurs.

Perhaps the bigger issue at hand is that many analysts are saying if the UK leaves the EU, the EU project is likely to collapse with debt ridden nations like Greece also wanting to leave.

A collapse of the European Union would give rise to another confederacy of European Nations – is this the year that we will see ten Kingdoms emerge in Europe under the leadership of the Papacy?

Don’t forget, the UK is a protestant influence (anti-catholic). If the protestant influence leaves, than the Pope will suddenly have far more influence in Europe.

Furthermore when this happens the unity between Russia and Europe will only grow as many in Europe have sought to have stronger relations with Russia were it nor for pressure from the US to sanction Russia.

In short, the vote to leave the European Union is about something far bigger than a UK vote on democracy: It is an event which could initiate some far bigger changes across the world that lead to the ten toes of Daniels image, and eventually the return of Christ.

Even so, Come Lord Jesus.

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One thought on “A Historic Vote which could result in Ten Toes of Daniels Image

  1. The comments on Brexit and the possibility of Britain exiting the EU are very interesting and worth considering. It will be very interesting to see how the debate on Britain’s membership of the EU evolves over coming weeks. At this stage opinion polls suggest that there is a slight majority for remaining in the EU but much can change in the next few weeks, especially if there were to be a dramatic incident of some kind such as a terrorist attack or an escalation in the refugee crisis. In any event, in the last UK election the opinion polls were widely off the mark and the same could be the case this time.

    I can appreciate why those of us who support a traditional approach to passages such as Ezekiel 38 are attracted to the idea of Britain leaving the EU but it is worth being cautious about making predictions as to the outcome of the forthcoming referendum. Prior to 1973 many brethren stated categorically that Britain would never join the Common Market for the very reasons outlined in this article. In spite of this, Britain joined the EU. While we have a fairly clear indication of the events that will transpire at the time of the end we do not always understand how God is manipulating the nations in the lead up to these momentous events. Britain’s “on again, off again” relationship with the Jews and the Holy Land is an example of how a nation’s actions may not always be consistent with our expectations of their role at the time of the end. Russia’s support for the establishment of Israel in the UN in 1947 and her current courting of the Israeli government is another example.

    I can see how either outcome in the forthcoming referendum could lead to the response we might expect from Britain (Tarshish) as set out in Ezekiel 38:13. If Britain were to remain in the EU, her ability to intervene decisively when Gog invades Israel would be constrained, leading to what the passage suggests is a rather muted challenge. On the other hand, if Britain were to leave the EU she would not be constrained in her response due to her ties with Europe but she may still be reluctant to become very strongly involved in a military response to Gog’s invasion. In this regard I note that President Obama, when recommending that Britain remain in the EU, indicated that, were Britain to leave the EU, this would not deter the USA from forging stronger links with Europe. If we see the Tarshish power of Ezekiel 38 as embracing the USA and the Commonwealth nations what might that mean for the response to Gog? Of course, by January 2017 there will be a new President in the White House and the foreign policy of the new regime in Washington may be very different.


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