A Historic Vote which could result in Ten Toes of Daniels Image

For those who visit our website, you will have noticed that for a couple of months we have had a countdown timer running for the UK vote on EU membership.

Today, that count sits at 32 days to a historic vote which could bring us a step closer to the alliance of the latter days.

But in the mean time get up to scratch by watching a movie created by the BREXIT campaign. This highly recommended watch provides some amazing insight into why there is massive political, economic and social impetus for Britain to leave the EU.

Impetus to leave is strong. Watch this heated debate on this issue in the UK:

Why will Britain eventually be separate from the European Union?

  • Ten Toes (Daniel 2) or Horns (Revelation 17) manifesting as ten nations will emerge in Europe who give their power to the Papacy and become aligned with Russia. Britain is not one of these kingdoms.
  • The Tarshish (Britain) of Ezekiel 38 is opposed to Russia in the latter days when the invasion of Israel occurs.

Perhaps the bigger issue at hand is that many analysts are saying if the UK leaves the EU, the EU project is likely to collapse with debt ridden nations like Greece also wanting to leave.

A collapse of the European Union would give rise to another confederacy of European Nations – is this the year that we will see ten Kingdoms emerge in Europe under the leadership of the Papacy?

Don’t forget, the UK is a protestant influence (anti-catholic). If the protestant influence leaves, than the Pope will suddenly have far more influence in Europe.

Furthermore when this happens the unity between Russia and Europe will only grow as many in Europe have sought to have stronger relations with Russia were it nor for pressure from the US to sanction Russia.

In short, the vote to leave the European Union is about something far bigger than a UK vote on democracy: It is an event which could initiate some far bigger changes across the world that lead to the ten toes of Daniels image, and eventually the return of Christ.

Even so, Come Lord Jesus.

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Pope Francis receives the Charlemagne prize, and speaks of his dream for Europe.

This headline is personally one of the most faith affirming headlines I have read this year.

While so much prophetic progress is taking place in Russia – which due to the birth of a new child I have not had the time to write about – the Papacy on the other hand is outworking exactly what Christ said it would be, those few moments before his own return.

What exactly is this apostate system up to now? Well lets cover some context briefly.

Yesterday, Pope Francis was awarded by – none other than Europe itself – the ‘prestigious Charlemagne award’. Charlemagne was the first Emperor of Holy Roman Empire, a Catholic, who united several nations together to form a religious empire.

Just like Charlemagne, Pope Francis is now playing a key role in European unification. While calling himself ‘a political animal’, the Pope is dutifully acting out the part of the prostitute riding the beast as described by Christ in Revelation 17.

But that is just the beginning: During his award speech to the European Parliament, Pope Francis spoke wistfully about his dream for a ‘new Europe’ which brings us back to chapter Daniel 2.

Remember Nebuchadnezzar’s image in Daniel 2? The feet were made of iron and clay, but it was the iron (the Roman Catholic influence) that kept the clay together. This was together manifested in ten toes – the ten European nations – whose only reason for unification, was Roman Catholicism, just like the state of affairs brought about by Charlemagne himself.

Infact, speaking of the kingdoms under Charlemagne, Bro. Thomas says;

At this crisis of affairs, there existed … the Ten Toe Kingdoms. I would remark here in passing that it has hitherto been found impossible to define these kingdoms according to the number given. Several tens have been guessed at, but the lists bear inaccuracy on the face of  them. The kingdoms are represented by ten horns, and ten toes, because there would be that number appearing on the territory of the Roman Beast between A.D. 476 and A.D. 799, the interval between the fall and restoration of the Western Roman Empire…

At the time of the revelation of Jesus Christ and the Saints, there will also be ten kingdoms whose territories will embrace those of the original Gothic Ten.

Exposition of Daniel Pg 75

So while the Pope is fulfilling Revelation 17 by committing fornication with the “kings of Europe”, he is also on the cusp of fulfilling the unification of 10 nations as described by the ten toes in Daniel chapter 2 & the ten horns in Rev 17:

“The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have received no kingdom as yet, but they receive authority for one hour as kings with the beast.

Revelation 17

However this prophecy could well be fulfilled AFTER the return of Christ.
While we are witnessing these amazing prophecies come into fulfilment before our eyes, neither of those prophecies mentioned in Rev 17 or Daniel 2 directly portend the return of Christ.

But there is one prophecy which does portend the return of Christ:

The very last sign to occur before His return is the “Unclean Spirits like Frogs” which are explained here in more detail, but in short, represent unclean teachings being spoken from the mouth of the false prophet (the papacy), the beast (Europe), and the dragon (Russia).

One such unclean teaching, is the doctrine of humanism.

In his Charlemagne speech, (full script here FYI) the Pope talks extensively about his dream for “a new European humanism”:

“Europe is weary, aging, no longer fertile…

With mind and heart, with hope and without vain nostalgia, like a son who rediscovers in Mother Europe his roots of life and faith, I dream of a new European humanism, one that involves “a constant work of humanization” and calls for “memory, courage, [and] a sound and humane utopian vision”.

I dream of a Europe that is young, still capable of being a mother: a mother who has life because she respects life and offers hope for life.

Pope Francis

What you just read is a perfect example of the “Unclean Spirits like Frogs” being uttered by the Papacy; the last sign, before the return of Christ.

Even so, Come, King Jesus.

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Imagine, that your time has come.

That moment has finally arrived.

Christ has returned, and you stand before him, about receive the final judgement.

Your mind flashes over the events of your life, the choices you made, the people you befriended, the priorities you chose, the habits you established… and you feel a sense of unease.

Christ turns to you and says;

I know your works, that you were neither cold or hot: I wished you were either hot or cold.

Because you were lukewarm, and neither cold or hot, I will spue you out of my mouth.

For you say, ‘I am rich, I have prospered, and I need nothing’, not realizing that you are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked.

Christ spoke these words to the ecclesia of Laodicea.

Out of context, one could be forgiven for thinking that this ecclesia had become subject to some dark and insidious form of Baal worship.

Infact the reality was far from it. Their problem was not immorality, or wrong doctrine, child sacrifice, or some other form of blatantly perverted evil.

The influence that repulsed Christ so much, was materialism.

You see, the Laodiceans lived amongst general prosperity and comfort, and they weren’t in any hurry to oppose it.

Where the Smyrnan’s were thankful to have a loaf of bread on the table, the Laodiceans were complaining about the brand of the coffee they were just served.

Where they suffered persecution at the hands of the Roman authorities, the Laodiceans were each tweaking and squeaking their shiny sports edition cars.

Transplant the Laodiceans to our age, and they would’ve had a rort!

The deafening roar of the crowd as they cheer on the chariots at the Colosseum would be old-school entertainment when compared to the pounding roar of the V8 supercar. Better still, the vision of the elite cars projected onto the living room wall, complete with some ground shaking surround-sound, and popcorn.

The age in which we live has mastered the art of stimulating every sensory. Its offering is far more advanced than the classic Laodicean experience.

An array of indulgences are available; sports, TV, movies, social media, personal devices, food, cars, fashion, careers, houses, not to mention the offerings on the internet.

The indulgence is customised to your unique desire, easily justifiable, and innocent enough.

Such was the experience of the Laodicean. But what of the state of their faith?

Oh don’t worry, they read their Bibles occasionally.

But sadly they could tell you more about the Cricket, than they could tell you about the Prophets.

They had no time to study and meditate on their Bible. Perhaps they were too busy?

They rarely made a personal effort to preach the gospel.

The regular feed of TV and Social Media left the welfare of others untouched.

Indulgence was permissible, and the concept of COMPLETE self sacrifice remained just that – a concept.

There is no question of whether or not we live in a Laodicean age.

The question is whether or not we choose to enjoy the same indulgences, or a life of COMPLETE self sacrifice.

“Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me”


The Elohim have just cast a lure for the King of the North.

Your weekly update:

  1. Egypt has just discovered something that Russia badly wants! The Elohim have cast a Southern lure for the King of the North.
  2. Russia is deploying its Air force & Ground forces to Damascus as it progressively steps into its role of the King of the North.
  3. ISIS are 5km from the centre of Damascus.
  4. A financial crisis has now become an increasing topic of discussion within MAINSTREAM media (Bloomberg, Telegraph, Wall Street Journal), not just the conspiracy theorist sites. Isaiah speaks of a time when there will be a financial crisis during or after the return of Christ.
  5. Putin is facing arguably the toughest time in his 15 year reign. Political analysts say that he MUST act soon to do something to distract the attention away from Russias internal economic problems or he will be in trouble. There have been reports of Russia preparing for full scale war over the past few months.
  6. The Pope is speaking at the UN next month to discuss “a new world order”
  7. The next 12 months are set to bring the most unprecedented weather ever recorded.

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Summary of reports over the past week

So many things happening in the world right now!

  1. A financial crisis has now become an increasing topic of discussion within MAINSTREAM media (Bloomberg, Telegraph, WSJ), not just the conspiracy theorist sites.
  2. Putin is facing arguably the toughest time in his 15 year reign. Political analysts say that he MUST act soon to do something to distract the attention away from Russias internal economic problems or he will be in trouble. There have been reports of Russia preparing for full scale war over the past few months.
  3. The Pope is speaking at the UN next month to discuss “a new world order”
  4. Australia is set to vote on, or pass “gay marriage” in the next 12 months after “gay marriage” successfully passed in an Ireland vote and a US court ruling.
  5. The next 12 months are set to bring the most unprecedented weather ever recorded.
  6. The Eurozone crisis has been given a lease of life. The Greece crisis has been “resolved” by Eurozone members when in actual fact the IMF (the lenders) haven’t actually agreed to a deal yet.
  7. For the first time in my knowledge at least, Putin blew his top at the Turkish President. This is a major development given that we expect to see Russia take Istanbul on his way down south. Georgia was annexed, Crimea has been taken, the only thing left South is Turkeys Istanbul before Dan 11 suddenly becomes a stark reality.

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