New Series: Memories of the Hill Country

A few weeks ago, I wrote about US President Johnson’s relationship with the Christadelphians and how that impacted Israel’s Six Day war.

The post received much attention, but I was especially intrigued after writing the post to receive an email from a relative of the subject; brother George Booker, the grandson of Sister Jessie Hatcher who is the “Aunt Jessie” of the story. Readers might already be familiar with two of brother George’s books which were published via the Tidings; “On the Way” (2014) and “A Bible Journal” (2015).

Since making contact, brother George has accepted an invite to publish a series on this blog which will cover the beginnings of the first Christadelphian American settlers in Texas and their growth right through to the time of President Johnson and beyond.

Its a story that begins with the preaching of the truth in the mid 1800’s amongst a settler community on the very frontier of civilisation. The wild landscape of Texas – as beautiful as it was – didn’t come without trial and hardship for those seeking to build a home and make a living. The challenges of the American civil war and the scuffles between the Cowboys and Indians came to bear on the community, but never stopped the work of the truth. Back then, our brothers and sisters had much to contend with. Their means were small, but their efforts to preach, were tremendous.

So please, join us, as we follow the journey of the Texas Christadelphians through to recent times, and also reflect on the family who later surrounded and impressed US President Johnson with a love of Israel.

I’m sure Bro. George would appreciate any comments or questions, so if anything comes to mind, don’t hesitate to post it in the comments section.

All posts in the series will be located via this link:

The first post in the series will be published soon.

In Christ,

Bro. Michael

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