The Biblical Implications of a Brexit

What an amazing day it has been as the angels have worked to revert 71 years of European history to change Europe and ultimately bring about the return of Christ.

On this page, a few videos and links have been added which help explain the result and the Biblical implications.

Overview lecture on the Biblical implications of a Brexit:

Here are some of the updates that came through today as Britain voted on EU membership.






One thought on “The Biblical Implications of a Brexit

  1. Randy H. Crouse

    This is so Incredible!
    Our Heavenly Father’s work right in front of our eye’s!
    This prophetic fufillment is right up there with Isreal becoming a nation.
    ( if not it’s still big)
    The image is almost set up.
    So much has been coming about these last couple of years.
    Truly, the branch of the fig tree is tender and putting forth leaves.
    Summer is nigh!
    Be prepared.

    You do a wonderful job covering the things going on around us and connecting them to scripture.
    Please keep up the good work. It helps so much, and it is exciting to see.

    Thank you,
    And God bless


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