This blog – 6 months young

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to say thanks for your many comments and thoughts over the last few months.

Since creating this blog 6 months ago we have had 50,000 visits from over 26,000 visitors!

On some days, we get up to 2000 visits, on others 200.

Where possible we have covered events on a live video stream (Sky News), notified subscribers via email of breaking news, and provided commentary on some of the bigger current events and how they relate to Bible Prophecy.

In these last days, Prophecy serves as a phenomenal source of hope and faith.

If possible, we would love you to share our blog with any friends or family, brothers or sisters who may want to be kept abreast of some of the amazing events that are unfolding in these last days.

Don’t forget, this blog is mainly intended for those who don’t have facebook. For those who do have Facebook, they can also connect with us here —

Love in Christ

The Signs of the Times Team

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One thought on “This blog – 6 months young

  1. Peter Duperouzel

    Greetings–have enjoyed the Bible prophecy and Current events, excellent material ,there are many prophecies as you have pointed out that are being fulfilled. It leaves perhaps the one great prophecy namely the return of Christ to take place, may that be soon.


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