ISIS bombs Paris, Baghdad & Beirut

Only weeks after the Turkish bombing and downing of the Russian airliner, ISIS have now wreaked havoc in Paris, Baghdad & Beirut over a period of 24 hours.

France has closed all borders, activated a state of emergency and summoned 1500 troopers onto the streets of Paris.

ISIS released a video threatening that this is just the beginning for France, and that Washington, London and Rome will also be targeted next.

As these attacks become more prevalent across Europe and the Middle East, Putin’s legitimacy in Syria will only increase in the eyes of Europe.

Some of the attackers are proven to have arrived as migrants in France meaning that the migrant problem is now perceived to be an even greater problem. ISIS have publicly admitted that they are funnelling other terrorists into Europe as migrants.

It is time for the West to stop criticising Moscow and to form a joint coalition
~ Russian chairman of the foreign affairs committee

Revelation 16 reminds us that in the days before the return of Christ, the drying up of the Euphrates will occur and the three frog like spirits will come forth out of the mouths of the three entities: Europe, The Papacy & Russia.

The migrant crisis (a result of the drying up of the Euphrates) is bringing these three entities together to a degree never witnessed before.

As we witness this unfold, it surely cant be long until the return of our Lord.

Here are some articles that have been published over the last 24 hours covering the attacks:

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