Footage of French & British buzzing Russian bomber.

Russian military assertiveness continues. In February this year, a Russian strategic bomber was intercepted by French and British planes and escorted away from their airspace. The following video shows the incident and is the first time such footage has been captured and published from within a Russian war-plane.

It was revealed later that the bomber been carrying a submarine-busting nuclear depth charge designed with the capability to attack Britain’s Trident-carrying Vanguard submarines.

Analysts at RAF Boulmer, Britain’s Control and Reporting Centre, confirmed that the Russian bombers had begun the sequence to arm the nuclear weapons, however, “there are several additional arming procedures which, thankfully, were not carried out.”

During 2014, Nato aircraft were “scrambled” more than 500 times over Europe – a fourfold increase over the previous year. Almost 90 per cent of those flights involved Russian incursions – a number akin to the cold war.

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