Summary of reports over the past week

So many things happening in the world right now!

  1. A financial crisis has now become an increasing topic of discussion within MAINSTREAM media (Bloomberg, Telegraph, WSJ), not just the conspiracy theorist sites.
  2. Putin is facing arguably the toughest time in his 15 year reign. Political analysts say that he MUST act soon to do something to distract the attention away from Russias internal economic problems or he will be in trouble. There have been reports of Russia preparing for full scale war over the past few months.
  3. The Pope is speaking at the UN next month to discuss “a new world order”
  4. Australia is set to vote on, or pass “gay marriage” in the next 12 months after “gay marriage” successfully passed in an Ireland vote and a US court ruling.
  5. The next 12 months are set to bring the most unprecedented weather ever recorded.
  6. The Eurozone crisis has been given a lease of life. The Greece crisis has been “resolved” by Eurozone members when in actual fact the IMF (the lenders) haven’t actually agreed to a deal yet.
  7. For the first time in my knowledge at least, Putin blew his top at the Turkish President. This is a major development given that we expect to see Russia take Istanbul on his way down south. Georgia was annexed, Crimea has been taken, the only thing left South is Turkeys Istanbul before Dan 11 suddenly becomes a stark reality.

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