BREAKING: Russian plane carrying over 220 civilians has crashed in Egypt

Updates as of 11pm ACST (see Sky stream below for latest):

  • The Russian Airbus has crashed into central Sinai.
  • 224 people onboard – mostly Russian civilians
  • The Egyptian Sinai is currently in a state of emergency due to the Egyptian war on Islamic militants.
  • PM & cabinet are meeting for an emergency session
  • According to analysts, this model of aircraft has an extremely good safety record.
  • Air crash investigators commenting on the radio have said it is safe to rule out the weather as a factor.

Daniel 11 shows that the King of the North will “stretch forth his hand also upon the countries: and the land of Egypt shall not escape.”

If the airliner has been shot down, one wonders if Russia’s war on ISIS will be extended to the Sinai.

Sky news is covering the news now as it breaks here:

As of 2:06 pm (IST) there are no indications that Russian airplane was shot down, say Egyptian security sources, however air crash investigators (who haven’t yet reached the site) are surprised that the Egyptians have rapidly dismissed this option.

However, East Grindstead (flight crash investigator) has said on Sky News:

We cant rule out the possibility of it being shot down and its not surprising that the Egyptians have discounted this option because of the tourism industry in the South Sinai.