Putin says ‘sorry cant help’ to Israel and invites Iran to Israels border.

For so long, Israel’s Prime Minister has warned Iran about crossing the ‘red line’ – an ultimatum which has characterised most of Netanyahu’s tenure as PM.

His warnings were issued to Iran with a tone of profound confidence and proclaimed at the highest levels of government. His speeches were arresting and the news organisations around the world cashed in on the sensationalism of it all. Many would remember his vivid speech to the world at the United Nations where despite irreconcilable world views, world leaders gather to epitomise unity and peace on earth while on the other hand, Netanyahu presented an explosive chart showing the sketch of a bomb with – you guessed it – a red line.

However, in the last few years, the red-line rhetoric fizzled out when under President Obama, the US put Netanyahu into a headlock and used the other arm to give Iran a load of cash as part of the Iran deal. While to the North, Russia’s grand move into Syria left an irritating little scribble on Netanyahu’s red-line.

As times have changed, the reality is that a bigger problem looms on the horizon: another red-line – this time, not Netanhayu’s.

Until now, Netanyahu’s military exploits in Southern Syria have been left unchecked by the Russian occupying force – most likely against the will of the regional Russian military commanders.

Netanyahu has bombed Syrian tanks that have strayed towards the Israeli border and even bombed Hezbollah targets close to Damascus while Putin seems to have had more interest in Sochi’s weather. Yet, only a few days ago, a senior Israeli official outright threatened to bomb Damascus – still, no response from Putin.

However Netanyahu’s concern for Iranian occupation in Syria reached a tenor pitch when he left Israel and took his red-line narrative to Putin who was patiently suffering harsh conditions in his Sochi resort. The meeting with Putin started well – at least for Netanyahu, who drizzled at length about his concerns of Iranian occupation in Syria; “Iran continues to threaten Israel’s existence, and it funds terror organizations and missile plans,” Netanyahu told Putin. “Wherever ISIS disappeared, Iran has taken over. Iran is already on its way to taking control of Iraq, Yemen, and in many ways has already taken over Lebanon.”

But when it came time for Putin’s turn to talk, the conversation did not go so well; “Iran is Russia’s strategic ally in the Middle East,” Putin told Netanyahu.

Witnesses present during part of the nearly two-and-a-half hour meeting say that following the Prime Minister’s entreaties to the Russian leader, Putin sighed, telling Netanyahu his government would be unable to assist; “Unfortunately, we can not help you here.”.

This is Netanyahu’s fourth trip to Russia in the last 16 months, and his sixth meeting with Putin during this same time frame. Netanyau said that the reason he wanted to hold talks now with the Russian leader was because the situation inside Syria has changed very rapidly over the last few weeks.

Less than a week after Netanyahu warned Putin, Putin put Netanyau’s warning to the test. DEBKAfile reports exclusively from its military and intelligence sources that on Saturday and Sunday Aug 26 – 27, Russian forces installed Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Hizballah officers at a joint “administration center” they had set up in the town of Quneitra – 5 Kms from the Israeli border.

Surveillance spotters saw them moving 2 km from the Golan border, the closest hostile Iranian and Hizballah troops have ever come to Israel’s border with Syria.

The reality is that while Israeli enemies gather on its border with Putin’s explicit support, Netanyahu’s tattered red line could well soon be replaced with Putin’s very literal and meaningful red line – Israel could lose its authority overnight to strike freely in Southern Syria.

What then of Israel’s red line?


Ezekiel 38 prophecies that Russia and Iran will invade Israel in the latter days around the time of the coming of Jesus Christ. This has been a clear understanding of Christadelphians for 150 years and only now looking to becoming a reality in the years ahead. Follow our Facebook page for daily updates:  https://www.facebook.com/pg/WatchYeTherefore

5 days into the new year and… its chaotic.

Within 5 days of the new year, we are already seeing tumult around the world.

Collapse of oil price could ‘force Putin to surprise the world militarily’:

The Washington post recently published an article saying that the collapse of oil could force Putin to act militarily.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin has surprised the world multiple times in the past several years militarily. His invasion and subsequent annexation of Crimea, combat support of the pro-Russian separatists in East Ukraine, and the landing of an expeditionary force in Syria, cementing a new Russian presence in the Middle East, are some recent examples that caught the West off guard. 2016 could very well bring additional geopolitical surprises from the Kremlin.”

Russian military intelligence chief dies suddenly:

The circumstances of his death are not clear. Will this signal a change in Russian military strategy abroad? It’s very possible. Read more here:

Iranian-Saudi crisis escalates:

The fallout of Saudi Arabia’s execution of a Shiite cleric is spreading beyond a spat between the Saudis and Iranians, as other Middle East nations chose sides Monday and world powers including the US, Russia and China are trying to calm the hysteria.

When the Gogian invasion happens, the same nations will still be politically opposed to each other (Ezekiel 38).

Analysts are worried that this crisis will stoke a substantial Middle Eastern conflict.

CNN: “This could get very ugly”

BBC: “Iran-Saudi crisis ‘most dangerous for decades”

Click here for videos:

World stock markets falter again:

The Dow Jones hit the biggest first day of the year intra-day drop on record since the Great Depression.

How Biblical is the Blood Moon & US Shemitah?

As you may have heard, along with a number of current events coming up in September, evangelical pastors in the US are warning that there will also be a “Blood moon” and a “Shemitah”.

Social media and news sites have jumped onto the evangelical bandwagon and responded with a great deal of alarmist material warning emphatically that a cataclysmic financial crisis will hit in September.

Conspiracy videos such as this are being shared on social media:

Jeff Berwick, founder of the Dollar Vigilante produced this video:

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, the writer of “The Mystery of the Shemitah” is interviewed here on the Jim Bakker show:

This post does not assume or suggest that there will or wont be a global crisis of some sort this September, but rather that there is very little scriptural basis for these evangelical theories and in some cases they actually contradict our understanding of scripture.

For example. It has been traditionally accepted by Christadelphians that:

  1. Revelation is symbolic not literal. However, the blood moon theory is based on a literal understanding of Revelation.
  2. The moon that turned blood red in Revelation 6:12 is referring to political upheaval as shown by Bro. Thomas, not a literal blood red moon.

We must not look to the natural, but to the political universe for the interpretation of its ‘signs’

~ Eureka,  John Thomas.

Below are three articles worth reading

The Testimony magazine recently published an article on the topic of the blood moons showing that the blood moon theory conveniently cherry picks data:

When you review the data it becomes apparent that there isn’t a pattern to base predictions on.

~ Testimony Magazine Article

Mike Moore is the General Secretary of Christian Witness to Israel and he points out that none of the upcoming “blood moons” will even appear over Israel ;

The only eclipse of the tetrad visible in Israel will be the last in the series. It will take place at the Feast of Tabernacles on 28 September 2015 but when it is visible it will have almost set on the horizon and will be over in a matter of minutes. If you’re in Israel and you blink, you’ll miss it!

~ Mikes Musings

BiblicalIntegrity.org published a pertinent review of the best seller “Is the Shemitah Real?” by Jonathan Cahn:

That God expects or will impose a Shemitah upon any nation other than Israel has no scriptural basis. Neither do the Scriptures provide any indication that the Shemitah is some sort of universal principle that operates throughout or even at various times in history.

~ BiblicalIntegrity.org


The most fundamental principle of the Christadelphian movement is to have a strong biblical basis for a scriptural belief before accepting it. The Blood moon and Shemitah (US) theories are based on data and observations largely constructed outside of scripture.

“To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them”

~ Isa 8:20

“Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.”

~ 2 Peter 1:20

Furthermore, if we believe or propagate the blood moon theory we imply that Revelation should be read literally. It is for this reason and others that these theories should not be entertained as part of our preaching efforts.

 “But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed.”

~ Gal 1:8

“When the Russians have captured Crimea, know that the Messiah is near”

BreakingIsraelNews.com Reports:

Amazing how this Rabbi’s comment fits in so well with our Bro. John Thomas’s understanding of Daniel 11:

“When you hear that the Russians have captured the city of Crimea, you should know that the times of the Messiah have started, that his steps are being heard.”

“And when you hear that the Russians have reached the city of Constantinople [today’s Istanbul], you should put on your Sabbath clothes and don’t take them off, because it means that the Messiah is about to come any minute.”

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