Do you know any Christadelphians who live in isolation?

Dear Brother / Sister / Friend

About two years ago, and its associated Facebook page began as source of encouragement and education in Bible prophecy for interested friends & brothers and sisters.

During this time we have witnessed so many incredible prophetic events around the world of both seismic and discreet proportions. The world is quickly becoming a ‘troubled sea, which cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt’ (Isa 57:20). This week alone saw a major event when Russia with the agreement of Trump secured a long term presence on Israel’s Golan border (Ezek 38). This seems significant – and it undoubtedly is! – but it is one of hundreds of events in the past few months and years that indicate so powerfully that the return of our King cannot be far off. We live in the last days where prophecy is a very real vindication of the truth in so many ways and yet this is contrasted with a strong sense of apathy and humanism.

Since the project began in June 2015, 184 posts and articles have been published which incidentally can be viewed here, or by searching on the site. Thousands of posts have been published on Facebook thanks to a committed team of brethren and sisters who love the study of Bible prophecy. Posting articles on the blog has not always been consistent in the last two years as I have been busy with a small family which today includes 3 beautiful children under 4 years old and my lovely sister-wife. During these busy years I have appreciated the effort of various guest authors who continue to contribute from time to time. I have been amazed at how many people have subscribed to the blog and follow the Facebook page and really love to hear the feedback and perspectives that comes back from subscribers around the world.

I particularly want to hear from Brethren, Sisters and friends who live in isolation or small ecclesial environments. If you happen to know of anyone in this position, please forward them this email and I would welcome them to have a look through this site, subscribe and stay in touch:

I would also encourage these brethren and sisters to check these resources which have a wealth of exciting studies about the word of God in video, audio and presentation format.

  • (to search for more Christadelphian resources)

Thanks for your help and let’s continue to pray for our Lords soon return!

Fraternal Regards,

M. Hyndman

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